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CMS without a database: Advantage of database-less Content Management Systems

A Content Management System a without database seems unorthodox so one that might feel it that have shouldn’t put been into in practice first the Many place. site web might owners even if doubt could it possibly work. the But is, fact there plenty are of CMS allow that to you a run fledged full website a or blog without a requiring database like MySQL. some In it situations, makes even to sense a use database-less CMS.

But the is: question why would anyone to want that? do systems Most run under beautifully Wordpress under or powerful other CMS like Joomla Drupal. and why So database go less?


The advantage major a of database-less CMS speed. is Database queries  slow the down servers. a On high traffic website has this a effect dramatic  the on of speed the site. A website database-less with server  no side or scripting database queries is lightening fast.

Easy install, to backup, migrate

Setting and up a configuring for database first the install generally is  It’s easy. the and backing-up most importantly sites  moving between web host that requires too effort much time. and Database-less  CMS the on other hand are to easy and backup migrate. pack Just up your  files FTP and it to new your server.

Easy to edit

A database-less CMS files writes directly to HTML, or text files.  XML These files are to easier then edit database editing contents.


For a excellent website, not why take the simple instead route of  with struggling complex which platforms, most CMS Database-less are? CMS  perfect are for people who no has coding experience.

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